Vista Nine Properties

We renovate and rent amazing homes in San Diego's urban core. But our goal isn't just to fill properties - our goal is to create spaces where people will thrive.

We match great people with great homes.

Prepping concrete floors at a commercial-to-residential conversion property.

Our Business Model

We work with owners to renovate, convert, or expand old buildings, creating unique modern spaces that people want to live in now. We find residents who love the space. Then, we manage the investment, balancing profit and community benefit. We put tremendous thought and effort into making sure each resident can thrive in their space; when residents thrive, owners do as well.

We say what we'll do, and do what we say. We expect the same from both our residents and owners.


Most property managers work for building owners, creating an adversarial relationship with residents. We're different. Our residents are just as important as our owners. And, we explicitly require authorization from our owners to balance the good of our community with the health of their investment. We want you to spend the best years of your life with us, and we go out of our way to help that happen. Learn More...


You've got plenty to do with your time, and handling a rental probably isn't high on your list. But, there's a reason you still have that property - maybe it's an investment, or maybe you're looking to do something bigger with it. Vista Nine partners with owners to get the most out of their property. We help you rehab, transform, or develop your property, often increasing San Diego's housing supply in the process. We make your property a force for profit AND good. Learn More...

Not everything works out all the time, but...

  • We give while trying not to take.

  • We create while trying not to destroy.

  • We act only for net positive results.

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