So you're trying to figure out what to do with that rental property? We've seen it all over the years - inherited property, boarded up property, fire or tenant-damaged property, and - of course - just property that needs some rehab to bring it back. Sometimes it makes sense to sell and let someone else deal with the headache, but sometimes people want to hang onto the property and just need some help to get things right. That's where Vista Nine comes in. Whether it's a big project or little one, we turn your property into a money-maker. And, we do it so the neighborhood wins too.


Helping residents thrive is the day-to-day core of everything we do. We can put our soul into designing and improving a building, but without residents ... it's nothing. We care for the building, and the people who live there so your investment continues doing well - and doing good - far into the future.


Whether it's just new paint and flooring, or full rehabs with structural changes, construction is our background. We partner with you to renovate your space into the most desirable, most cost-effective space it can be that residents will demand for the next 30 years.


We've been helping owners add additional rental units to their properties for 10+ years. We understand what's possible in each area of San Diego and we can handle design, permitting, construction - and even financing - to add additional units to your property.

Is my property too big or too small of a project?

We've done rehabs as small as $3,000 per unit all the way up to $140,000 per unit. Projects we've done involving adding new units vary from carving a new unit out of existing square footage to much larger projects. It's best to just chat to see what your property needs.

How do I get paid and how do I know what's happening with my investment?

We will work with you to create a business plan for your property, and then execute that plan. You receive a monthly rent payment directly to your bank account, along with quarterly financial statements showing all expenses and activity. You will also have both email and cell phone contact to the primary Manager handling your property - you can reach out any time. As long as everything is going to plan, you don't need to do or approve anything. If anything significant comes up, of course, we will reach out.

What is the "Community Contract"?

All of our owners agree to our Community Contract. This sets the tone for how we will both make decisions, what we value, and how we behave. In summary: While real estate investment is a profit-making business and must be treated as such, we are not singularly focused on increasing profits. Every decision has a cost to someone, and our owners explicitly grant us flexibility to balance the needs of our residents and community with their profits. Everyone - residents, Vista Nine, the owner, and the greater community - needs to win together.

This arrangement isn't for every owner, and that's ok. But, we've found it to be both good business AND good for our world.

My property is in fine shape and I already have tenants - can you take over property management?

We are proud that every property we manage has improved the world because of our effort. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning. If you just need someone to manage your property as is, we're probably not the best fit. But, if you want to find a way to use your property to improve the lives of residents, or the larger community and world ... we should talk.

Talk is cheap. What are some ways Vista Nine has "improved the world"?

Smart question. We try to make small every day decisions that improve the world, believing that sustained small improvements from many people equal large impact. Some of the ways we seek to help include:

  • Increasing Housing Supply. Many of San Diego's housing problems start with a lack of supply. For every new housing unit we create - whether as an ADU, multifamily development, type conversion, adaptive re-use, or development - supply increases and another resident gets a home.

  • Predictable Rent Costs. Raising people's rent based on market can price people out of their home. Our rental increase policies, just like property taxes, are predictable and capped so people can stay in their homes.

  • Kicking People Out to Renovate. Or, more accurately, avoiding doing so. Kicking a long-time, below-market, $800/m resident out so the unit can be rehabbed and rented for $1900/m doesn't help the world. We create value by adding units ... not displacing vulnerable residents.

  • Improving Communities. This doesn't mean gentrification. When a problem property turns into the nicest house on the block with great residents, it removes a problem for neighbors AND gives everyone a little pride and encouragement.

  • Flexibility. We are creative in working with tenants who experience temporary life hiccups. For short periods, we can explore trading work for rent, alternate security deposits, or flexible guarantees to help people through rough patches. Every situation is unique, but the mindset is the same.

  • Public Improvements. There are often opportunities to improve public spaces adjacent to properties. Whether that's arranging a community mural on a wall at a property, or spending a little extra to fix sidewalks or plant trees in the boulevard, we look for low-cost, high benefit opportunities hiding in plain site.

  • Owner Ideas. Some owners have a passion to help various groups. Some properties have "extra" space that can benefit a community group. For example, we helped one owner expand and convert a large garage on their property into a work and organizing center for a non-profit they support WHILE driving more income from the residential portion to pay for it.

  • Other. Given the right experience, connections, and resources, we can make just about anything happen. Let's brainstorm!

How much do you charge for Property Management?

Our base property management fee is 7% of gross property revenue + $400 per turnover. This can vary slightly depending on specifics related to the property and situation.

"My family has had a property since 1965 and we had renters there for years and years... Lots of good memories. But it's started falling apart and we had wanted to build onto it and fix it ourselves - we even got plans made - but decided to hold off. Working with you guys has been great, very professional, friendly, and I definitely felt a connection right away with you guys. This place is going to be great and I can't wait to see it when it's done."

Bill R., 92110

"This property has been an adventure from the beginning. Having acquired it through a private trust deed that went wrong, I never intended to be a landlord, however, I’ve had wonderful tenants so decided to keep the property. ... I started the process of building three units in the back. After challenges that extended the process and the amount of money spent, I was exhausted and gave up. I realized I really wanted to partner with someone who has the experience building from the ground up before. With Justin, I’m so happy to be able to co-create in a bigger way than I had dreamed while increasing my income and creating more housing. He definitely knows what he is doing. As a musician, I’ve always wanted to be able to offer artist-in-residence housing, so I am most excited our plan includes that way of giving back to the art community."

Janet H, 92113

How can we get ahold of you or ask questions?

The best way to get in touch - and make sure your message doesn't get lost in spam - is to use the Contact Form. If needed, you can email us at Owners -at- VistaNine dot com.

Not everything works out all the time, but...

  • We give while trying not to take.

  • We create while trying not to destroy.

  • We act only for net positive results.

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